Pegasus - Marisa Falbo art gallery

The painter pursues the “exaltation of the matter”, and through some exceptional and strong experiences, she shows us the connections determining it. Marisa Falbo is a woman of culture, she is conscious of the upsetting of life, the suffering and the resorts to regenerate themselves. In her very original and elegant works, we can see “filtrated materials”, almost dreamlike ones, in which there is the desire to translate the miracle of the “great philosophical work”. Just as Ermete Trismegisto said: “What exists far down is like what exists higher up”.




Merkabah - Marisa Falbo art gallery

Marisa Falbo conveys to her paintings what she sees and feels in her life, attaining from nature or digging in her knowledge and conscience and knowledge. All this is the starting point for inquiring into the themes of her own mature art. Just as the artist says: “my art catches into my inner sacredness and it throws light on the painting. It is possible, thanks to my consciousness acquired through events and experiences that made me savour variegated existential staves where music was sometimes bitter, melancholic and blue or, other times so joyous and impetuous to make me feel my breath failing!”.

From the 70s the painter spaces out and develops several themes achieving series of paintings containing a deep analysis of the human minds; she also expresses her mood by means of her art. Very interesting is the Baudelarian period, a period devoted to clowns: the painter undertakes the painting of the faces expressing the inner emotions of the character represented. Every period represents an interval of the artist’s meditation on her own course of life. But when the shirt becomes too narrow, she wears a new one”, she is open-minded, always ready to accept every advice from her personal inner motion. So she takes another way, she changes themes and techniques, always ready for new experiences.

That is why her art is a kind of logbook: by means of shadows, changes of colour overlays, she notes down the canvas every throw of her deep, private emotions to produce a sort of gallery dedicated to her own life. All her experiences, experiments and evolutions have led her, during the last twenty years, to approach and penetrate the Mer-ka-ba (words coming from ancient Egypt), dealing with spirit and light conveyed to both the human and divine reality. The merkaba is a field of rotating light contemporary concerning both our spirit and body. Through meditation you can help your mind, body and spirit to approach and test other levels of reality and potentials of life.

Into the merkaba you deal with the crystal clear energy widely described and visible in Falbo’s works: she contemplates holy and specific geometries aligning mind, body and art.

At now, she works every day in her own merkaba, conveying in her works every shade of her experience reaching this way the positive energy that now marks her.




Fiorfall - Marisa Falbo art gallery

“ ...thanks to the love wings I crossed those lands, that no barrier is effective against love, what love can do, love dares to do”.

So Shakespeare makes Romeo exclaim...

Marisa Falbo’s love towards art is a pictorial attitude: she loves wings, she knows them and we could see them in numerous interpretations of painting. Her palette gets dressed with colours, winged colours,  not to disperse them, but to fix them in our memory for ever. This painter gives us special paintings ... her paintbrushes paint a reality always original, married to dream because Marisa Falbo has an imaginary rich in mystery, with shadows coloured by the rainbow. A bare palette of sex to involve the male, to make us love it before flying away; and when we are left alone, the indelible memory of the painting will remain. This painter has the rare art of pictorial poetry, and we take possession of that poetry because when we stay in front of a painting of hers, we feel happy.

So Trilussa writes “Happiness. A bee rests on a rose-bud, sucks its essence and flies away. At the end happiness is a little thing”. Marisa Falbo’s paintings are not  “little things” and I say “They are important things to their owners”.


UMBERTO VERDIROSI (Painter and theater actor)


Mercury and Venus

Mercury and Venus - Marisa Falbo art gallery

“The couple among eroticism,  feminine and game”. Marisa Falbo’s creativity has its roots into her strong introspective ability, just like the capability of a  shaman  or a Buddhist Zen. She is able to comprehend herself as well as the others, to know a nature not contaminated by intellectualisms.

This painter from Palermo transmits us the desire to taste the Oriental culture. In her works illustrating the couple, we rediscover an eroticism based on woman, showing the female valences of the partner: sensuality instead of sex. The osmograph technique turns out a refined and elegant elaboration of dreamlike dimension: so every work is a dream, transfigured by this technique that the painter defines “osmografia”.

From the catastrophe to the game: this is the itinerary of her way to describe femininity and eroticism.

Inevitably autobiographical, the artist move her attention from what is transgressive, painful, demoniacal and disturbing to what is joyful, looking for tenderness and sensuality.

Marisa Falbo does not like being framed in an artistic current because she is really original and she has a strong, creative and artistic sensibility. Her “osmografia” symbolises her attitude to emerge from dream, building castles in the air, inner trips so to exorcise the nightmare.

We find the theme of the couple in the centre of culture and customs of the ‘80s: after the crisis of the couple love is rediscovered. In Marisa Falbo’s opinion the feminine eroticism offers the partners a creative contact. This is a message of hope and utopia in a context of sexual consumerism and alienation; the feminine protagonism overturns the crisis rediscovering the game, the creative contact into love relationship.


FILIPPO DI FORTI (Psychoanalyst)

Angel of light

Angel of light - Marisa Falbo art gallery

Marisa Falbo’s artistic production fits into the contemporary artistic panorama, into a cultural space for some time dominated by an unarmed cultural relativism. An ideological nothing has invaded every artistic sector of the modern culture. It confuses even the intellectuals, often engaged in describing what is impossible and justifying the empty space of an industrialized, decorative artistic production. In her last period, Marisa, shows the vitality and the artistic inspiration of a real star concerning her technical, stylistic and cultural profile. The painter has an absolute mastery of the technique besides the expressive attitude typical of the gifted genius of the classic and contemporary painting. Rarely in the history of art we can find painters able to convey so directly strong emotions, light and colours merge producing a flow of energy that invades your soul and leads you to another dimension. Marisa has reached this new dimension after a long way going through infinite spaces, among the dark paths of life, a magnificent care to find the roots of the human existence, an intensive experience rich in emotions just to obtain the essence of life and to destroy the evil arguments. Her artistic production is very fascinating and evocative, an extreme summary of the best charming pictorial performances of the twentieth century. In the sphere of the technique, Marisa is a spectacular artist with an amazing talent; a subtle link joins her to the enchanting Turner, the sublime atmospheres of the masters Bohemians and the transcendental images in motion of the mythical Boccioni. With regard to the style, the majestic structure of her works reminds the imposing frescos of the Renaissance with the warm atmospheres of Correggio. Her expressive language is really intense; it is always able to confuse and astonish people who admire those fantastical visions, those elegant and sensual images. You can ever perceive the sound effects coming from Marisa Falbo’s paintings. They are a part of a great expressive structure, just like the orchestral scores and the quick movements of Luigi Cherubini’s compositions. Marisa amplifies her lucid, creative vision through the fantastic representation of the spiritual universe where light and colour merge to produce beating life. Weak and calm flashes accompany the sparkling quivers from the bright representation of the vital energy. You can catch a glimpse of the artist’s next step yet: a bath of light and colour looking for infinite through the paths of immortality.